In the this tutorial we are going to show how we installed a kitchen multiple zone LED Lighting.

We explain the differences between scenes and zones and we show the basic principle of RF Premium remote controlling. 

In this kitchen project we have used 3 power supplies, 4 LED RF controller receiver modules, 1 RF Socket and different types of LED Light strips. 

Using Premium RF remote controller sytem one Receiver/Dimmer or RF Socket can be pair wtih up to 10 different zones and/or Remote controllers. Pairing means you teach/synchronise the Receiver to the Remote Controller button.

For example if you pair your Receiver wtih two single zone remote controllers and a single zone RF Wall remote controller, you still have 7 pairing capacity.

If you use multiple zone Remote controllers, the receiver has to be paired with the Zone button. One receiver can be paired with multiple zones of either the same and different remote controllers.

In this kitchen project we paired:

  • Rec1 receiver with Zone 2 button
  • Rec2 receiver with Zone 3 button
  • Rec3 receiver with Zone 1 button
  • Rec4 receiver with Zone 2 button
  • RF Socket receiver with Zone 4 button

If you press Zone 2 button, you can switch on/off the floor and Glass shelf lights together. 

If you press Zone 2 button and then dimming, both the floor and glass shelf lights are going to be dimmed. 

If you switch the main button locate at the upper right corner of the remote controller, your can switch on and off all lights. 

If you applied different dimming levels in the zones and switch off and on the lights with the main button, the dimming level will be the same as it was at before you switche off the lights. 

If you try to dim Zone 4, nothing will happen as it is a remote socket. 

Using scenes

In the kitchen we need different light levels during the day, druring night and depening on the function of the kitchen used. For example when we are using the cooking we need full under cupboard light which may be disturbing during the dinner. 

Once we adjusted the dimmin option for examle for dining we can save the set up as Scenes to a Scene button (S1, S2 and so on). By pressing the a scene button the all light are going to switch on and off according to the saved status. 

In the current project for Dining we  save to S1

  • Zone 1 - Off
  • Zone 2 - On - 80% dimming level
  • Zone 3 - On -20% dimming level
  • Zone 4 - Off

We have also used a Wall 4 Zones RF remote controller and paired with the receiver, so the owner can use both the RF Wall switch and the Remote Controller for controlling the kitchen light system. 

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