There are 4 Levels of Kitchen lighting to consider if you want contemporary kitchen lights.

  1. Floor/Plinth Lights
  2. Under Cupboard Lights
  3. Above Cupboard Lights
  4. Hanging Rope Lights

Floor / Plinth light

The purpose of the plinth or floor light is decorative and easy to carry out with our kits. 

Under-Cupboard light

The under-cupboard light is very important, it has to be strong enough as it is the working light of the kitchen.  Easy to carry out with LEDEXPERT kits.

Above Cupboard LED lighting

Most people are underestimating the importance of lighting above the cupboard, however have a look at the ceiling during the day or nigh in the kitchen. Irrespective of whether you have or not spot light, the majority of the ceiling is dark. Using lighting above the cupboard gives light to those areas of the kitchen which are usually dark. It is very easy to carry out. 

This is heading element

There are areas in kitchen with now cupboard for example windows. Windows bring a good bit of light during the day, but dark in the evening. With the use of ALP-008 hanging rope light you can easily solve this problem. Circa 25 minutes to install and then ready to use. 

Please see the different lighting options on the picture below and have a look at our tutorial by clicking on the links. 

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