In this tutorial you will understand how modern LED RF controlling system works, how can you control multiple zones and switch of from your kitchen the light in you child`s room.

RT1 is a single zone, RT4 is a 4 zones and T11-1 is another 4 zones remote controller.

The above picture shows how zone buttons are paired with the RF LED dimmers and RF LED drivers. 

By pressing the following zone buttons the system will respond:

Press 4 on RT4—> D,E & F dimmers will respond.

Press 2 on RT4 —> B & C dimmers will respond

Press 1 on RT4 —> A & F dimmers will respond

Press 3 on RT4 —>D dimmer will respond

Press RT1 —> A & B dimmers will respond

Press 1 on T11-1 —> D,E & F dimmers will respond


F driver is already paired with 3 zones, so still can be paired with 7 zones if you wish, which means the F driver can learn extra 7 zones.


1. Multiple zones remote controllers numbered by zones (1-4 or 1-8)

2. You have to pair every single dimmer/driver with one or multiple zones by pressing the pairing button on the dimmer/driver and then quickly pressing the zone number on the remote controller.

3. One dimmer/driver can be paired with up to 10 zones.

4. A single zone remote controller represents a new zone.

5. If you pair a dimmer with one remote controller to Zone 2 it does not  mean that it will be zone 2 on the second remote controller. It is your choice. Every single remote controllers have unique ID.

6. One remote controller zone can be paired with unlimited number of RF dimmers/RF drivers. You can pair one single zone remote controller or one zone of your multi zone remote controller with all of your dimmers/drivers if you wish.

7. Multiple remote controllers/RF wall switches can be used in one project.

8. You do not need to use the same zone number for a dimmer to be paired if you use multiple remote controllers.

9. Using the ON/OFF main button on the remote controller will switch on/off all zones, by long pressing will increase or decrease the brightness in all zones.

10. The dimmers/drivers remember for the paired controllers after power outage.

11. The dimmers/drivers remember for the last state after power outage, so if they get the black out at 50% brightness ON state they will switch on the set 50% brightness after the power outage.

12. Dimmers/drivers can be reset and re-programmed anytime.

13. The dimmers/drivers works with a 30m between each controller and given the auto-transmittion function you can achieve 100m transmittion distance. The dimmers/controller automatically transmit there signals to other dimmers/drivers.



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