This is a double sliding door wardrobe with two different types of hanger rails and multiple shelfs. 

In this project we used hanger rail LED lights with hidden wiring and recessed shelf LED profiles with hidden wiring. 

The lights are automatically switched by opening and closing any of the doors using two door sensors. 

We are going to show the technical details, including the list of products used. 

The total length of the LED strips used is 4.2m, the total Power is around 40Watts. 

On the top we used a heavy duty ALP-084 Wardrobe profile with Warm White LED strip. The profile is held by 2 side holders and 1 TOP holder (at the middle of the wardrobe). The profile comes in 2m length what we can cut to size. In this case the length was 1320mm.

The LED wire leaves the wardrobe on the left side and goes up to the top of the wardrobe.

The second hanging rail is around rail called ALP-008 installed by two side holders. As the ALP-008 is not a heavy duty wardrobe profile for longer runs extra support is advised with hanging wire. The LED strip was the same 8mm 3528 120LED/m warm white (3000K)

The LED wire leaves the wardrobe on the left side and goes up to the top of the wardrobe.

The three shelves have got recessed LED Aluminum Profile - ALP-001 with flange equipped with the same high density warm white LED strips. 

The wiring are hidden to the side of the short shelves leaving the unit on the back and goes up to the top of the wardrobe unite. The longest leaves the wardrobe on the left. 

See the details about How to hide wiring of recessed LED Aluminum Profiles HERE. 

The wardrobe is powered by small 50W LED driver which is connected to two E1-D Door sensors. If any of the two doors is open, the light will go up gradually (with smooth transition). If both doors are closed, the light switches off gradually. 

The sensors are positioned properly so if the door is accidentally left open by 1cm, the lights remain Off. The sensors are fixed by special strong double sided 3M tape onto an L profile, the L profile is fixed to the frame of the sliding door. The sensors are slightly turned down. 

The installation is easy and quick. For more details please read the How to wire double door sensors in How to Section.  

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