LED IN TILE - 2.0m Straight Tile edge LED...
LED IN TILE - 2.0m Straight Tile edge LED...
LED IN TILE - 2.0m Straight Tile edge LED Aluminium bead - Alp-087B
LED IN TILE - 2.0m Straight Tile edge LED Aluminium bead - Alp-087B

LED IN TILE - 2.0m Straight Tile edge LED Aluminium bead - Alp-087B

The ALP-087 Straight LED IN TILE Bead LED aluminum profile  is designed to create contemporary recessed lighting effects in your bathroom or kitchen. The profile is recessed into tiles, marble or granit. Using this LED profile with our LED strip lights, you can create your own in-tile lighting designs. The opal cover diffuses the LED strip lights minimizing the dotting effect creating a smooth, even light in your room. 

8mm RGB and 8mm single color LED Strip are available in our shop for this LED PROFILE:

€9.84 (€8 + VAT)

(€9.84 per 2m)

Tax included Dispatched within 24 hours.




LED in Tile profile, straight


PC diffuser    -   opal matte 


1m / 2m



8mm or less wide LED light strip - sold separately

*NOTE! The price refers only to aluminum profile! Led strips are ordered separately.



  • LED in TILE system, the profile is recessed into 10mm or less thick tiles. 

  • This is a straight profile. Inside corner and outside corner versions are also available. 

Specifications : 

  • High quality opal PC diffuser  

  • Made from anodizing aluminum for better heat dissipation (protects the LED)

  • Suitable for flexible as well as high power led bars 

  • For indoor use only 


Important notes for selecting the diffuser and LED light source:

This low-profile profile is best suited for 120-240 led/m led strips if an even light is desired. As a distance between the LEDs increased, slight bright spots can be seen.


 If the led strip luminous emittans without front plastic is 100% Lux, in a profile with semi-transparent cover decrease the light by 10%, in a profile with matt diffuser the loss is around 50%. So, matt diffusers provide more even light, but also decreased intensity. In practice, given the wide range of strong LED strips it does not cause any problem. 

An LED profile is not just for design; it is a Heat sink and physical protection to LEDs!!! Without cooling the LED lifespan will be dramatically decreased. 


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