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950MM Low Bright - 60LED/m - 8mm - Warm White LED Strip 3528 with small 15cm tail cables x 16 pieces 

      LED STRIP: 3528-60-12

GLP GPV-100-12 LED Driver (LED Power Supply)  x 1 pieces

On the images you can see the stair lights during installation without diffuser.

As you can see without diffuser the reflection from shiny tile is disturbing. There would be no reflection if the tile was matte. 

Can we help you with our extra services?

  • We can cut to size the led and solder up the required tail cable with the required length and seal it with heat shrink sleeve. If the strip is long, you can cut it shorter at the cutting points.
  • We can install the strip to LED Profile eventually you will get ready to use modules.
  • We can cut the profiles to size with the diffuser.
  • We can build up longer LED Strip than 5m - seamless job
Stairs LED Lights
Staircase LED Lights
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